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The Plaschke Panflute from South Tyrol is a unique masterpiece, made of exquisite reeds from Sardinia and precious local woods.

With great enthusiasm we create the panpipes lovingly and subject each exemplar to a meticulous quality control.

The classic models follow the traditional Romanian construction and are precisely tuned electronically to ensure impressively clear sounds.

Our model range includes models from 8 to 25 pipes and offers stylish designs such as wooden strap or mahogany wooden shoe.

The environment is close to our hearts, so our panpipes are treated only with natural oils, without harmful varnishes.

The result is a beautiful, handcrafted instrument that not only appeals visually, but also unleashes a fascinating spell of sound. With a Plaschke pan flute, you are not just choosing an instrument, you are opening the door to the hidden beauties and magic of music.

Plaschke Panflöte handgemacht
Okarina südtirol handgemacht


The Plaschke Ocarina, the jewel of our handmade creations, combines tradition and innovation in a unique piece.

Made of 100% terracotta, the ocarina embodies true mastery, co-created by renowned ocarina players and over six decades of musical experience.

Tone purity and effortless response are guaranteed through rigorous quality testing, resulting in the highest musical enjoyment at a remarkable value.

Their sustainable development is inspiring - no material is lost, every "waste" finds rebirth.

The Plaschke Ocarina does not use varnish or harmful elements, becoming a 100% climate-neutral miracle of sound.

From folk music to world sounds, the Plaschke Ocarina conquers hearts and stages. Invest in timeless authenticity and quality experience - a promise for music lovers seeking truthfulness and sonic splendor.



In addition to panpipes and ocarinas, the Plaschke workshops also create unique, sustainable and innovative guitar masterpieces.

The finest tonewood, hand-selected hardware and top-notch electronics blend to create masterpieces, while perfect finish and stylish design underline creative freedom.

Each guitar is an individual work of art, custom-made for the player. The focus on sustainability is evident in long-aged tonewoods and fine materials from the own wood vault.

Precisely tuned hardware and customizable electronics provide the desired voluminous sound.

The finish preserves the natural wood beauty with oils or water-based organic varnish.

Our workshops offer creation, repair and maintenance. From string changes to comprehensive restorations, every detail is lovingly cared for. The uniqueness of Plaschke Instruments has stood the test of time and invites you to become part of this musical world. Experience the fusion of craftsmanship and musicality.

E-Gitarre aus Südtirol Plaschke handgemacht
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