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Welcome to Plaschke Instruments - your musical instrument makers from Algund, South Tyrol.

Hey! We are Alex and Manuel Plaschke and we continue the traditional family business already in the third generation full of pride and innovation. Our quest for new ideas and techniques drives us to offer our customers and musicians an unforgettable experience as well as musical excellence. Every note that leaves our handcrafted instruments embodies our dedication to quality and the power of music.

At Plaschke Instruments, you become part of a community that shares a love of music and where every instrument holds a timeless melody.

Plaschke Brüder Alex & Manu.jpg
Josef Plaschke. Wie alles begann


Our roots reach deep into the past. Because about 170 years ago, our great-grandfather laid the foundation for the family business with the construction of woodwind and brass instruments. In 1959, his son Josef moved to Burggrafenamt and began manufacturing and selling musical instruments at that time. Through his unique creativity, he created the first sounds of panflutes and ocarinas made by hand.

He continued this exquisite craftsmanship together with our father Georg and mother Maria, who nurtured the heritage with just as much passion. Later we, Alex and Manuel, also joined the family business - until today.


Through our decades of expertise in instrument manufacturing, our products continue to impress with their exceptional quality and outstanding workmanship. In addition to traditional instruments such as panpipes and ocarinas, which are our origin, we have expanded our repertoire.

Guitars, ukuleles and kalimbas now proudly bear the "Plaschke Instruments" trademark with the new "Alp Gold" line and enrich the music world with their unique sound.

Plaschke Ukulele Alp Gold
Instrumentenbau Workshops und Kurse


But Plaschke Instruments is about more than just creating musical instruments.

We open our doors to introduce you to the art of instrument making. Our fascinating and impressive instrument making courses/workshops, be it guitar making, ukulele making or repair techniques, offer you the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of craftsmanship.

On-site, you can learn from our expertise and express yourself creatively, whether you already have crafting experience or are completely new to the subject.

More Infos comming soon...

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