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RRP: €18.00


Welcome to "Your ukulele 1x1“, your practical and easy-to-learn textbook in three languages for your ukulele! and all of that completelyWITHOUT NOTESand with Instructional videos via QR code!

Customers kept coming to my store looking for a simple instruction book for the ukulele. Unfortunately, we never found anything together and so I came up with the idea of simply writing my own textbook with which every child and adult can learn to play the beautiful Hawaiian instrument in just a few steps!
In this book I deliberately chose simple language and excluded technical details. In this way, everyone is able to learn the basics of a ukulele and thus better memorize well-known songs. This book was designed so that at the end of the textbook everyone can learn additional songs using the Internet or other media and thus develop further.


A very special and unique textbook, suitable for children and adults - without any grades! This school was designed so that you can play and accompany your first songs on your ukulele after just a short time. The combination of textbook and instructional videos not only offer you the ideal introduction to the world of ukulele music, it also teaches you how to explore and learn other songs later.

The most important basics, rhythms and techniques are explained briefly and simply without having to learn the notation in advance. You will learn how to play chords, accompany songs and play melodies on all four strings.

In the instructional videos, all exercises and examples as well as songs are shown in detail and can be easily replayed.

Playing the ukulele is fun!😊

UKULELE 1x1 textbook, school for ukulele, child's play, without notes and instructional video

    • Foreword
    • The ukulele
    • How to tune a ukulele
    • The right positioning
    • Chords & tablature
    • Chord collection
    • First exercises
    • Techniques for playing the ukulele
    • Your Turn!


    Song collection with 10 well-known campfire songs

    • Lady in Black
    • Ein Bett im Kornfeld
    • I'm gonna be 500 miles
    • In the air tonight
    • Knocking on heavens door
    • Love is all around
    • Stand by me
    • Somewhere over the rainbow
    • Have you ever seen the rain
    • Hallelujah
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