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RRP: €19.00


Bag for Ocarina Tenor & bass

  • Material: Cordura fabric
  • Rice and water festival
  • 5mm foam
  • Tear and waterproof
  • Velcro fastener
  • Belt loop on the back
  • Embroidered with Plaschke logo
  • Color: Black


This storage bag was specially developed for the Plaschke ocarina, but all other ocarinas that are produced according to the classic design also fit. The bag is padded and ideally protects the instrument from knocks, drops, scratches or bumps. Thanks to a small loop on the back, the bag can be easily attached to a belt or trousers so that the ocarina is immediately ready to hand. The Velcro fastener keeps the ocarina safe and secure in the bag without moving. This bag is ideal for all tenor & Bass ocarina.

Bag for ocarina size: bass/tenor | Plaschke Instruments

    • Made in Italy suitable for all Tenor & Bass Ocarina
    • Color: black with Plaschke logo embroidered!
    • With high-quality Velcro and 5mm foam padding
    • Protects the ocarina from knocks, bumps, scratches or from falling
    • With belt loop for perfect attachment to the pants, so that the instrument is quickly at hand.
  • 1x ocarina bag

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