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RRP: €95.00


Concert ocarina in F major tenor with fabric bag

  • Range: f'-b'''
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Chromatic
  • For professional requirements
  • Exact mood
  • Easy to address
  • Pure and smooth sound
  • No paints or chemicals are used!
  • Place of manufacture: South Tyrol - Italy
  • Easy to learn fingering chart
  • Includes fabric bag


The Plaschke ocarina has been handcrafted in South Tyrol according to old traditions since 1963.

In addition to harmonicas, jew's harps and harps, the ocarina is a typical trouser instrument, suitable for beginners and professional musicians.

With the help of well-known ocarina players and 50 years of experience in building musical instruments from clay, we have succeeded in creating an ocarina for the highest musical demands, with precise tuning and a clear and easy response.

In order to always guarantee optimal quality, we subject all ocarinas to strict final inspection.

Ocarina in F major tenor made of clay / terracotta, handmade in South Tyrol

    • Handmade in South Tyrol/Italy for beginners and advanced players, due to the 10-hole version.

    • A 10-hole ocarina like Zelda's, made from fired terracotta ceramic with a beautiful and durable golden brown glaze.

    • The Plaschke Ocarina is an easy-to-learn instrument that allows you to play beautiful pieces of music in no time, as the ocarinas are tuned diatonically and strictly electronically.

    • With fingering chart

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